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Elder Law attorneys and Geriatric Care Managers are specially trained to assist you in your difficult journey through the health care maze, legal issues and financial issues. I am both a Geriatric Care Manager and Elder Law Attorney.


Call (248) 585-7917 to request an appointment.  Or email me. Meetings occur at my office, unless a home-visit is warranted. I am located near 13 Mile Road and Rochester Road in northern Royal Oak, about five minutes east of the well-known intersection of 13 Mile Road and Woodward Avenue. I work out of my home at: 316 Midland Blvd., Royal Oak MI 48073

Mom’s had a stroke… Dad has Alzheimer’s… Grandma broke her hip… My spouse had a heart attack…   Crisis strikes—suddenly an accident or medical condition leaves an elderly loved one in need of ongoing support.  Family, already emotionally taxed and not knowing where to start to arrange proper care, struggle to help their elderly relative.  Family and patients can experience: Burnout, Family conflict,  Financial concerns, Legal concerns. Where do YOU turn for help?


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