As an avid reader, I’ve found many particularly useful references to share that may help you along your way as you care for an aging loved-one:

For Reading - AFTERLIFE


For Reading - GRIEF

For Viewing

  • Hospice of Michigan:Except For SixDocumentary on hospice care. (uploaded Feb 21, 2011, produced 2008).

  • PBS Frontline:Life & Death In Assisted Living. This documentary describes the perils of living in the housing option that lies between home-based care and nursing home care—assisted living.  (July 29, 2013, 54 min).

  • Xavier, Chico;Astral City: A Spiritual Journey.  Cinetica Films & Productions, 2011.  (Official Selection of Seattle International Film Festival; Official Selection of Brazilian Film Festival of Miami).  DVD about life in the afterlife as conveyed by a physician who suddenly died and delivered through channel Chico Xavier.

For Calling or Web Researching

  • Area Agency on AgingNational Association 1730 Rhode Island Ave NW, Suite 1200, Washing DC 20036. (202) 872-0888

  • There is an Area Agency on Aging near you.  Go to their website or call to find the branch that has a wealth of helpful information counselors.

  • National Family Caregivers AssociationThis is a website dedicated to caregivers and their needs.  Joining the association will reap you many benefits, including receiving its newsletter, Take Care 

  • Caregiver Action Network  This is a toolbox for caregivers – an invaluable aid covering topics such as coordinating care, managing medications, communicating with health care professionals, creating a community of help, incontinence issues, respite care, caregiver depression and more.