Legal Services 

Basic Estate Planning

-Medical and financial powers of attorney, DNRs  

-Wills, Trusts, Beneficiary Deeds

-Travel to hospital, nursing home, assisted living and home

  visits for those bed-bound

Medicaid Eligibility Planning

-Review of asset and income eligibility -Spend-down planning -Completion of Application and supportive documents

Medicare Advocacy

-Maximizing Medicare’s 100 day rehabilitation benefit period -Appealing premature discharges from hospitals and skilled 
​ care nursing homes, and hospice discharges.

Probate Process

-Application for Guardianship and Conservatorship

-Administration of Decendent's Estate

-Involuntary Commitment


-Nursing Home & Assisted Living:Attending care-planning

  conferences, liaison for family with staff, chart review to insure

  quality of care

-Admissions Contract review: Many nursing homes and

  assisted living admissions contracts are riddled with illegal

  provisions. Don't sign on the line until it's legally reviewed!

-Hospital: Attending case conferences, talking with staff.

-Primary Care Physician; Help you to develop tailored

  questions to ask the doctor to maximize the short time frame 

​-Insurance Claims: Appealing insurance claim denials


Geriatric Care Management Services

Level of Care Eval

-Home with supportive care -Institutional care: Assisted living, Nursing Home, Adult Foster Care

Home Safety Eval
-Adaptation recommendations -Safety and security recommendations

Facility & Service Review
-Nursing homes & Assisted Living facilities -Home care agencies -Hospice and Rehabilitation programs

Hospice Planning

-Utilizing hospice care to add another (no-cost) layer of care to

 maximize patient comfort.

-Interfacing with hospice personnel to help insure quality care.

Funeral Planning
-Pre-paid funeral planning -Minimizing costs